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Jul 06

Glock 34 Range Demo

The GarysGuns Channel does a quick range demo of a Glock 34 pistol. The G34 9mm pistol feature a standard magazine capacity of 17.

Apr 23

Glock 43 Pistol Review

The Hickok45 review of the new 9mm single stack Glock 43 pistol, including range demo and comparison with other single stack 9mm pistols.

Apr 07

Glock 43 Review

Eric and Chad give their exclusive 9mm Glock 43 review, including range demo and comparison with the Glock 42 and Glock 26. Ammo used during this G43 range test included FMJ, hollow points, G2 R.I.P. Ammo, and Lehigh Defense Maximum Expansion.

Mar 23

Glock 42 Pistol

Hickok45 discusses and shoots the Glock 42 pistol. Holsters shown are from Diamond D Custom Leather, Gameface Holsters, Multi Holsters, and Recluse.