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Various tests involving Glock handguns and Glock accessories.

May 18

Glock 42 with G2 RIP 380 ACP Ammunition

Eric and Chad test of G2 RIP 380 ACP ammunition from the Glock 42 pistol, including a clear gel penetration test.

May 04

Glock 43 vs Glock 42

Andrew with GY6vids compares the new 9mm Glock 43 with the .380 Glock 42. Also shown is the Glock 22, Ruger SR9c, Springfield XDS, and S&W Shield.

May 04

Glock 43 vs Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

A comparison of the new Glock 43 and the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, including range demo and accuracy test. During the accuracy test, Mrgunsngear is using the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest from CTK Precision.

May 02

G43 Single Stack 9mm Pistol

Mrgunsngear is at the range with the new G43 single stock 9mm pistol. Also shown is a size comparison with the G42 and S&W Shield.

Feb 14

MechTech Carbine Conversion Unit

An overview and test of the MechTech Carbine Conversion Unit for Glock pistols. The pistol converted in this video is a Glock 21. The Carbine Conversion Unit (CCU) is currently available for G17, G17C, G34, G19, G19C, G20, G20C, G40, G21, G21C, G41, G22, G35, G22C, G23, G23C, G31, G32, G32C and the respective ‘SF’ …

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