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Various tests involving Glock handguns and Glock accessories.

Jan 07

Frozen Glock 19 – Will it Fire?

Many of us are getting hit with winter weather tonight. So, this video from Hegshot87 is right on time. Will his Glock 19 Gen5 fire after being frozen? Watch and find out.   Visit ArmsVault for the latest Gun News!  

Jun 21

Glock 37 Review and 45 GAP Ballistics Test

Mrgunsngear looks at the Glock 37 pistol chambered in 45 Glock Automatic Pistol (G.A.P). Additionally, he performs a ballistics test with the 200gr Speer Gold Dot round and compare the pistol with a Glock 17 and Glock 21.

Dec 03

Magpul PMAG for Glock Pistols

Sootch’s review of the Magpul PMAG for Glock pistols, including range demo and torture test. Models currently available include the PMAG 17 GL9 for the G17, and the PMAG 15 GL9 for the G19. Pistols shown include the G17, G19, and G26.  

Nov 30

Strike Industries G42/43 Enhanced Magazine Plate Torture Test

A high impact torture test of the G42/43 Enhanced Magazine Plate (E.M.P.) from Strike Industries. The Strike Industries Glock 42/43 Extended Magazine Plate design provides smoother, faster magazine reloading, handling and enhanced ergonomics with its low drag / no snag design. It provides multiple functions to include additional 2 rounds, and extended grip surface for better …

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May 30

Glock 20 vs Plastic Wrap

We all know that Glock pistols are reliable. But how reliable would a Glock 20 be if you happened to forced into a battle with plastic wrap.

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