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Our Glock Maintenance section provides information on maintaining Glock Pistols. Topics including Glock cleaning, assembly, disassembly, and gunsmithing.

Jun 09

Galloway Precision Glock 43 Performance Spring Kit & Ghost Trigger Connector

Brandyn from Galloway Precision walks through the installation of the Precision Glock 43 Performance Spring Kit and Ghost Trigger Connector (Edge & Pro).  

Dec 15

Cleaning a Glock Pistol – Glock Recommended Cleaning, Lubrication, Inspection

Sootch from Fun Gun Reviews demonstrates the steps involved in cleaning a Glock pistol. In this video, he is using the Glock recommended procedure for cleaning, lubrication, and inspection. The Glock pistol used during this demonstration is the G26. However, the methodology is the same for all Glock pistols.    

Sep 08

Glock Disassembly

Eric demonstrates the complete Glock disassembly process. The pistol used during this demonstration is a Glock 19.  

Aug 04

Glock Mag Release Install

Dave Moore demonstrates how to remove and install a Glock mag release.

Dec 02

Zev Technologies Springs for Glock 19

Pete from The Armory Channel shows off his Glock 19 modifications, including serrations on the slide, aftermarket sights, and Zev Technologies springs.

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