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Mar 07

Firing Cycle of a Glock Pistol

This animation from Lone Wolf Distributors gives you a look at the firing cycle of a Glock pistol.  

May 04

Glock 43 vs Glock 42

Andrew with GY6vids compares the new 9mm Glock 43 with the .380 Glock 42. Also shown is the Glock 22, Ruger SR9c, Springfield XDS, and S&W Shield.

Mar 18

Timberwolf Glock Replacement Frame

The Yankee Marshal reviews the Timberwolf Glock Replacement Frame from Lone Wolf Distributors.

Jan 07

Converting Glock 21 to 10mm

More gun experiments from ShootingTheBull410. This time he demonstrates converting a .45 Auto Glock 21 to 10mm. He is using a Lone Wolf 10mm barrel, stainless steel guide rod, and 20lb recoil spring.

Oct 30

Converting Glock 21 from 45 ACP to 9mm

In the name of experimentation, Shooting The Bull convertsĀ the Glock 21 from 45 ACP to 9mm using a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel for a Glock 20.

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