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Dec 15

Wilson Combat Paul Howe Package for Gen 4 Glock 19 & Glock 26

Introducing the Paul Howe Package for GLOCK® Berryville, Arkansas — (JustGlock.com) – Paul Howe Package for GLOCK® from Wilson Combat combines our legendary build quality and attention to detail with the 30 years of tactical experience that Retired Master Sergeant Paul Howe (US Army, SFOD-D) has learned as an operator and trainer in building his …

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Sep 08

Glock 17 Gen5 Review & Accuracy Test

From Mrgunsngear, a review and accuracy test of the Glock 17 Gen5. The shooting rest used during G17 Gen5 accuracy test is the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest from CTK Precision.  

Oct 02

Glock 19 Grip Reduction

The Guns, Gear & On Target Training channel gives us a look at some custom work performed on a Glock 19 by BG Gunworks, including grip reduction and stippling. This G19 features AmeriGlo sights.  

May 04

Glock 43 vs Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

A comparison of the new Glock 43 and the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, including range demo and accuracy test. During the accuracy test, Mrgunsngear is using the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest from CTK Precision.

Apr 10

Head Down Custom Glock 19

A look at a custom Glock 19 pistol from Head Down Products, including range demo.

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